Gripes about UI/UX of Android phones/tablets and so called "openness" that is nonsense to consumers.

If you also have an Android phone, you are welcome to email me your gripes as well. If you don't but you want to buy one, read this blog before you do it. :-)

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    Tim Cook’s gripes about UI/UX of Android tablets

    Apple CEO, Tim Cook, griped about Android tablets in his keynote introducing the new iPad

    He gave two examples, Twitter and Yelp, and compared them side by side on iPad and Android tablet (presumably the Samsung Galaxy Tab). He is right on the point, but there are not just these two. Many apps on Android tablets is just a stretched out version of its Android phone version, which already looks worse than its iOS counterpart.

    Twitter on iOS

    Twitter on Android tablets

    Yelp on iOS

    Yelp on Android

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