Gripes about UI/UX of Android phones/tablets and so called "openness" that is nonsense to consumers.

If you also have an Android phone, you are welcome to email me your gripes as well. If you don't but you want to buy one, read this blog before you do it. :-)

-- A big fan of Google, not Android


    Nikolai Sander is perfectly right

    Editor’s note: The following is a guest post by an anonymous guest. Thank you!

    I greatly appreciate that finally I know now, that I am no alone with my opinion about Android.

    I have my 20+ Apps on the App Store. One of my Apps even won the prestigious EMMAs award recently. It’s also ported to Android and will fit nicely in your comparison of good iPhone Apps and bad Android Apps from the same company. Although I think the Android version is as good as could be.

    I experienced exactly the same of what Nikolai from EDOSoft wrote and I was wondering – so far – why nobody else is complaining about the bad Android SDK.

    And, same for me, I also did a lot Windows (.NET) developing in the past 20 years and was used to use a good development environment and development tools. Especially debugging and UI-Design tools are crucial for a good and stable App.

    I thought so far, that other Android developers have not seen anything else but this old fashioned and incomplete toolset and API so they are happy with what they have available.

    As an iPhone developer it is really like going back in time at least 3 years and it is more than frustrating to use this old fashioned Android SDK and API.

    So far, I mostly rejected if customers asked me for an Android version of an App. I experienced that most of them didn’t understand my reasons and arguments.

    Now I can point them to your website.

    Thanks for your Android Gripes investigations!

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